driving around dtla hungry and stumbled upon industriel with my good friend camille! we came here to get our foie gras fix before the CA was about to ban foie gras!



ready to catch up on life and eat!


EMMER FARRO, fava beans, pistachio, mint, lebna, carrot cider vinaigrette. cold smooth labna in contrast with the beans and farro. loving the fun texture blend and simple yet elegant. made me feel at home.

 FOIE GRAS TRIO: port poached rillet, bread pudding, “faux”gras terrine. aka foie gras 3 different ways. bread pudding was moist and flavorful, wanted to spead the rillet over all crackers and bread i could see, but the terrine was too pungent and a let down. i have had better 😦

DSC_0922PELMINI, rabbit, shiitake, mascarpone, pearl onions, sage, truffle oil, pecorino. the sauce was rich in a good way, pelmini aka the dough was cooked nice, thick, and reminded me of “soo-jae-bee” in korean food, but the rabbit fillings were a little dry. basically drown me in the sauce plz… 

hello cami!DSC_0925

best dish of the night. strawberry shortcake with rhubarb basil sorbet and strawberry sauce. the cookies were warm and everything else ice cold! i could eat this everyday to fill my sweet tooth. it was like a marie callendar’s pie decomposed. my eyes are sparkling  for this dish again. tummy too.

DSC_0930unique decor. honey bears!

time to lesson plan… until the next food excursion…

ta ta for now!

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