my friend and i went to the ucla game and on the way back we wanted to grub so we stopped by the parish at 840 S. SPRING ST. (AT 9TH), LOS ANGELES, CA 90014.  small world because on the way to the restroom at the parish, i saw my friend billy working there!! too cool 🙂 anyway we started off the night with a couple drinks and devoured all the dishes! yumyumyum fell into food coma and slept off the food 😀

ucla vs. houston at the rose bowl!! ucla won!! yay!

the menu

started with the haricots verts!! aka grilled peaches, BURRATA, greens, and of course green beans. i think i could eat this daily.

the poutine of fried oysters! definitely had a little spice to it and creaminess. you have to mix up all the goodness, with the crunchy battered oysters, fries, and sauciness going ERR’WHERE! adding tabasco definitely kicked it up a notch hehe

clams with salumi picante, sherry, and leeks. loved the flavors going on in this dish mixed with the textures. smooth leeks, buttery clams, bits of crunch with the spices! i wanted to drink the base after.. hahaha

lastly the huckleberry trifle! looked like a parfait! got the lemon custard, cream, cake, all layered with huckleberries.

next time, will be getting the fried chicken and every dessert hahhaha! maybe corn too.

have a great night,


the parish is located at 840 S. SPRING ST. (AT 9TH), LOS ANGELES, CA 90014


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