two favorite things: sangria & arepas

finally got a hold of some harina precocida aka pre-cooked corn meal which is CRUCIAL in making arepas!! ay ay ay!! was inspired by spoon fork bacon’s recipe for arepas with carnitas and guasacaca. made a couple changes, which were: using chicken and drowning everything in the guasacaca sauce. how is it SO AMAZING. drool. i followed their recipe for the arepas and the guasacaca and went from there. i just added some mixed greens, tomato, and cilantro inside and devoured the arepas. they are so crunchy on the outside but more dense and moist on the inside. love the texture combo! if you get the chance, you should DEFINITELY make arepas! if not, you must cook with me sometime! 😉

for the white sangria i just threw together a bottle of sauvignon blanc from TJ’s, two sliced mango nectarines, one thinly sliced fuji apple, and one pureed mango. it was surprisingly strong and flavorful! next time i might add some fizz to make it extra bubbly!!

 the best way to enjoy sangria is with friends & family aka GREAT company. they were a hit!!

mango puree

sliced nectarines swimming in wine 🙂

sorry for some of the quickly taken pics. my cousins and i were STARVING. and so thirsty hahha

harina P A N!!!

make sure you cook these first!! they take quite a bit of time but are WELL worth it. make sure your pan is hot and don’t burn the arepas!

marinated pollo all juicy and cooked! just cube it up!

alas they are COMPLETE!! huzzah!

guasacaca ftw!!

i seriously think you could use guasacaca for anything. steak. chips. tacos! on cucumbers. with bread. lathered on any protein. it is like hummus taken to the CRACK level. you won’t be able to control yourself. yumyumyum.

until next time,



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