perch+dtla artwalk

randomly one night… my friend camille and i decided to go to perch for a late-night meal. and i was NOT disappointed! it feels like a secret club where you have to pass through checkpoints and elevators until you reach the top. i would definitely recommend eating in the patio because the city views and ambience is spectacular!

we shared the moules for an appetizer! it was a little on the salty side but creamy and full of little chunks of hearty mussels.

cami was happy!

probably should’ve tried another dish because this was extremely similar to the moules, but i’ve been craving bouillabaisse so i went to town with it!

good times catching up 🙂

cami ordered the sauteed chilean seabass! meaty and tasty!

after meal coffee!

always room for dessert! white chocolate bread pudding. lil too sweet but satisfying!

city views

lovelovelove the atmosphere on the patio.


okay so after we hit up the artwalk which was pretty cool! got to go through some galleries and people watch. different crowd of people all around!

random but i love spongebob 😉

hope you had a splendid night!



Perch is located at 448 South Hill St., Los Angeles CA 90013.


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