café dulcé pop⎜hold up

i went to the grand opening of Café Dulcé’s pop-up cafe with my friend julie! we had a night of exploring LA. Café Dulcé is a unique, taste-bud-tingling cafe! hehe you MUST definitely check out both locations! They have one-of-a-kind treats like their bacon donuts (so happy) and their green tea donut with custard inside makes me smile from mouth to stomach.

at the pop-up i tried their dulcé latté which was AMAZZZZZZZZZZZING. no lies. hands down best latté i have had so far. not bitter, not too sweet, but just right somehow. i was wired all night!

thank you baristas 🙂 it was a blast seeing baristas who really enjoyed making awesome cups of pure… liquid gold!

i need to remember to have coffee before noon from now on… hahhaa they had live music by Monsters Calling Home for their opening which was uber cool! You should definitely sneak a listen! All in all, it was a fun night getting to see old friends and make a couple new ones! yay! i know now to never plan to have dinner near the staples center when there is something crazy going on.. aka kings game with crazy fans! all the nearby food joints were booked for private events… but donuts and coffee from café dulcé did the trick 🙂 and the samples of homemade ice cream from peddler’s creamery made through bicycle power was BOMBDIGGS. salted caramel ftw. not too sweet, not too salty. MMMmmmmMMm. i shall eat you again!

loved the hold up art also!! if i could only be as skilled…

calmed down later in the night.. kind of 😉

a nice way to end the night 🙂

love, e

Café Dulcé’s Pop-up

425 W 11th St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Café Dulcé

134 Japanese Village Plz
Los Angeles, CA 90012


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