long beach excursion: starling diner

finally got to see my childhood friend, jean, and we yelped to find a place in long beach that was seriously scrumptious! it wasn’t too heavy or too sweet for a breakfast place, but it was light, yet filling and flavorful.

making our way to starling diner! uber quaint and cute in the middle of nowhere.

looking at the cool menus 😉

this place has got some character & charm!

other side of the interior & jean! loving the chalkboard wall

now the food… heh heh heh. first is the egg scramble with sautéed spinach, GOAT CHEESE (another recent obsession), and mushrooms! i think i could have devoured two of these! it came with some bread and roasted potatoes in olive oil & herbs de provence!

and their san francisco stuffed french toast! couldn’t believe how it had a slight crunch, yet enough body in the bread to not be too moist. it was filled with mascarpone cheese, topped with fresh berries! i don’t think i could’ve eaten this whole thing by myself. definitely stuffed.

 if we didn’t get enough sweets for breakfast, we got our filling at doly’s delectables after with macarons! always extra room for desserts! yayy!!

they had a good number of different flavors and a solid ganache which i loved! no frosting-like ganache here! woo woo! after eating in lb, we promised our siblings to take them here as well because we loved the food a little too much. i’m starting to get hungry.. o my. until our next excursion,



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