to celebrate moving forward in life aka grad school and what not, a few of my friends and i decided to have lunch at corkbar in dtla! it was an awesome choice because of the open atmosphere (love all the light coming in) and the food was homey with good solid portions (i am almost tempted to say that i could cook these dishes). the only thing i was really bummed about was that they had no banana bread pudding that day… and i REALLY wanted to try it.. i guess i will just have to go back 😉

we started with a small charcuterie plate and wine to wet our appetites. i probably wouldn’t get this again because it was a little over-priced for barely any meat and a little too dry bread, but the plating was nice!

my friend camille ordered the shrimp scampi which she thoroughly enjoyed. nice, fresh chunks of shrimp and perfectly done linguini!

my friend larissa ordered the pan-seared trout with crispy shallots on top and chive butter, which was light with a nice crunch!

i ordered the root beer braised short rib with cheesy polenta. loved the different textures and taste of the polenta with the juicy short rib. reminded me of korean galbi-jjim except with polenta instead of… rice or kimchi LOL it was a hearty dish!

it was a fun lunch celebration indeed and i hope for many more to come!!

always yours,



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