cruisin’ through san pedro: birthday edition

happy belated birthday to my cousin jessica!! our weekend celebration of her birthday culminated with our time in san pedro! we were overjoyed to fill our bellies after a night of dancing and singing like mad women! zumba at its finest! but let me take you through our day.

we arrived at ports o’call for lunch and sat in the waterfront patio. it was cold and gloomy at first, but the sun came out soon after so we were ecstatic!! we shared a few dishes, starting with the crabcakes which were crunchy and tasted of real crab! with sauces that complemented it so well… it was so tasty that we soaked the rest of it up with bread 😉

so exciting to enjoy yummy food with wonderful familia :”) below is the bday girl & me. yay

next is the Seafood Pastalaya which had shrimp, scallops, mussels, clams, salmon, and a cajun cream sauce with angel hair pasta!!! it was a little creamy for my liking but still tasty, especially with a few drops of tabasco!! does WONDERS!

the beer-battered shrimp with hushpuppies was rather disappointing… it was crunchy, yet the portion size was so small with nothing special about it.

the linguine rustica was rather light and full of tomato and chicken. it was a simple pasta of tomato, garlic, basil, and parmesan cheese. i drenched it in tabasco sauce once again. amazing. ahahhaha

after a full meal, we decided to attempt to walk off what we ate. we were surprised to find that the whole area was rather expansive, especially the fish market with cool items and lotsa FISH!!

i felt like i stepped into somewhere completely new with little knickknacks and what not!

we found some friendship bracelets so we had to get matching ones 🙂

lights that would make the fish market cute at night! 🙂

lobster claw machine game!!

fresh oysters to be shucked!

now, the boat!! we were walking along the docks and capt. gary let us on board to the LEGEND!!! so awesome and exciting because we had a crazy photoshoot hahahha not all the pics are posted but here is to my beautiful family ❤

until our next adventure,



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