DIY bow hair clip

i had the urge to buy a bow hair clip, but with my sister’s insisting, i decided to make one instead out of left-over jean fabric from a pair of pink jeans found at the salvation army this morning. ones she used to make shorts! that will be the next entry, but for now here is a quick how-to to the bow hair clip! you can use any material but here are some steps you can take and voila! you just need a sewing machine to make life easier or you can sew by hand if you please.

you can use the ribbon retreat‘s bow hair clip how-to also if you are using ribbon!

this is basically the whole sha-bang in the instagram pic.

it only took me about 30 min so it is quick!! you just need fabric, i cut about two 3×7 pieces of fabric(rectangle) then sewed along the edges. i curved the edges to give a poppin’ look 🙂 make sure the fabric you want to show when you wear it on the inside when you sew!!! and leave some space un-sewn so you can turn it inside out!!

then flip it inside out, give it a quick iron, and sew the hole you didn’t completely sew before.

cut another piece of fabric. two 1.5cm by 3in pieces and sew the rectangle, all except one side so you can flip it inside out once again.

this is harder because the hole might be small, so i used a crochet hook to push it through. there is actually a tool you can use, but i don’t have it or remember what it was called so hello crochet hook!

next, i took a needle and thread through handmade creases so they would always stay creased. just loop through a couple times and tie it off.

lastly use a metal hair barrette/clip and use the smaller cloth to wrap around the big rectangle (almost completed bow) AND the barrette! use a needle and thread to sew the small piece to itself. then you can add extra glue (from a hot glue gun) for extra support between the fabric and barrette if you want, but if not then you are DONEEEEE!! yay!

now just werk that updo.



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