trip to forage

i made a trip to silver lake with mi amiga, carol, where we happily ate till full satisfaction and explored the cute crafty shops along sunset blvd! let your eyes feast!! i can’t wait to go back to forage!

the view upon arrival:

the pork belly sandwich! gotta get both ends YUMZZ

the flavors of the pork belly popped in my mouth!! i liked how the bread was thicker to absorb some of the fattiness while maintaining structure so that the bread wasn’t all soggy. the sandwich was a little on the heavy side, but having a few bites of the veggies helped A LOT. my fave was the beet salad!! that is where my inspiration from the last entry came from! the grains were pretty light as well and made me feel like i got some fiber, and the potato gratin was buttery, light and so flavorful. the butter baby!!! carol made some good choices on her sides!!

now for the exploring!! fun and quirky stores 🙂

so cheesy hehe would be fun to send abroaad!

and the finale to our excursion was a blood orange and vanilla bean gelato! until next time 🙂


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