my grandparents’ 79th birthday dinner

The month of January starts off a new year (YEE! goodbye 2010), and also celebrates my grandfather star’s 79th birthday, and my grandmother jung’s as well, but maybe a few years younger 😉 This gathering was a potluck at my cousin’s house, and the food is mostly Korean and all made from scratch! Enough of my blabbing, let your eyes feast!!!

Above is called nak-jee bok-um with udon noodles, or marinated squid and veggies in a spicy sauce.

buckwheat noodles with fresh veggies and go-chu-jang based marinade.

hot wings for snacking

fried sweet potato slices and shrimp in corn oil

a closer look

kimchi salad-it hasn’t been fermented but was freshly tossed

baked salmon with soy sauce, roe eggs, green onions

hehe potato salad. loved the big chunks of egg in it

fermented cucumber and radish marinated in red pepper and the like

galbi-sorry for the blurry pic, but people were hungry and i had to get out of the way!

baked mussels in roe eggs, green onion, and soy sauce

raw kimchi by grandma. always a necessity for any Korean meal.

variety of korean rice-cakes.

happy birthday halbuhjee and halmuhnee!! 🙂

voila! add the rice and t’was delicioso indeed! my stomach couldn’t handle any more food by the end of the night, especially after the main dishes, and DESSERTS (korean rice-cake, shik-hae a traditional rice drink, and paradise cake from king’s hawaiian)


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